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How Will We Sleep In the Future?

How Will We Sleep In the Future?
A long time ago, we rested on stone-beds in the caves but fortunately today we can use many innovations that allow us to have a healthy and regenerating sleep. Our beds, our...

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Let’s Have a Nap… in a Bar: Have You Ever Heard About the “Nap-Bars”?

Let’s Have a Nap… in a Bar: Have You Ever Heard About the “Nap-Bars”?
The Nap-Bar is a space designed in order to let you rest 15-20 minutes after lunch in absolute calm! Don’t worry, you won’t sleep on the table! Learn more about the 4...

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Are You Ready To Ride? The Giro d’Italia 2016 Starts!

Are You Ready To Ride? The Giro d’Italia 2016 Starts!
On Friday 6 May starts the Giro d’Italia! Don’t miss one of the world’s most beautiful cycling races! As in previous editions, Manifattura Falomo will accompany you...

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Discover Manifattura Falomo’s most prestigious mattresses, made with silk, cashmere and exclusive materials.

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Discover the spring mattresses with Bonnel springs and mattresses with independent springs: Manifattura Falomo’s traditional mattresses.

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Discover in this section all the mattresses of Manifattura Falomo’s convenient range.

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Discover now the innovative mattresses patented by Manifattura Falomo’s research center.

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All our mattresses, pillows, cushions and beds are made in our factory in Italy. Since 1962.
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Among our range of products you will find hypoallergenic mattresses and pillows, with removable lining and washable at high temperatures: discover now all the features of our products!


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