At what age should children use a pillow?

A question new parents often ask themselves is: how many months should my child be before starting to use a pillow to sleep?

At what age should children use a pillow?

Pediatricians and the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggest not to use a pillow before 18-24 months as it may cause problems to the baby during naps or at night. Find out more in this article!

Why shouldn’t I give my child a normal pillow?

Pillows for adults are designed to provide a head-neck support suitable for adults: a child does not have the same proportion between the size of the head and shoulders as adults do, and he or she would unnecessarily strain neck and shoulders during sleep.

Baby pillows are designed to meet children’s proportions, they are free of harmful substances and made of allergy-free cotton lining.

Wait for the transition from the crib to a “normal” bed

Our advice is to start using a pillow after 18-24 months of age, a period during which children leave the crib to start sleeping on a “normal” bed or on a children’s mattress which has, however, a very high degree of softness.

Speaking about mattresses for adults, in fact, these are pressurized by greater weight and therefore require greater stiffness in order to provide best support.

So at what age should a child start using a pillow to sleep?

Ultimately, as a parent, it’s your decision to establish the right time to start using a pillow.

Watch your child while he or she sleeps and look for clues as:

  • Does your child look restless at night because he or she feels uncomfortable? When the space between the size of the head and shoulders increases, the child will begin to sleep more uncomfortably without a pillow, becoming therefore more restless during the night.
  • Does your child rest his/her head on a blanket or a stuffed animal?
  • Does your child rest his/her head on a pillow when sleeping on the sofa?

Consult your trusted pediatrician providing this information and he’ll be able to tell you whether it is the right time to start using a pillow or not.

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