Caffeine: 7 things in which you wouldn’t expect to find it!

We well know how caffeine can alter our sleep-wake cycle, so it’s good to always keep under control its intake!

Caffeine: 7 things in which you wouldn’t expect to find it!

But if you thought you should just worry about limiting coffee cups, then you have to keep in mind that it’s not only coffee you have to fear!

Here are 7 things in which you wouldn’t expect to find caffeine!

Caffeine: pros and cons

Caffeine is not a good ally of rest, but that’s no reason to give it up: in the morning it helps us to wake up and in intense moments it helps us keep concentration high.

On the other hand, problems with falling asleep, anxiety and stomach disorders are some of the side effects.

So, keep track of how many cups of coffee you have every day and above all watch out for hidden caffeine!

An invisible enemy!

Here are 7 things in which you wouldn’t expect to find caffeine!

  1. Drinks, we all know that in drinks such as coke, caffeine is a fundamental ingredient, but watch out also for fruit-based drinks! And don’t forget about herbal teas!
  2. Decaffeinated coffee, although in small quantities, contains caffeine in any case.
  3. Chocolate, caffeine is a natural component in chocolate.
  4. Ice cream, of course chocolate and coffee flavors; check the ingredients, often the amounts of caffeine present are as high as those contained in a can of coke.
  5. Pain killers, the most typical of all medicines for headaches often contain small amounts of caffeine.
  6. Energy drinks, useful drinks while practicing physical activities can hide high amounts of caffeine.
  7. Sweets and other ready-made foods: check well the labels on ready-made foods, especially the ones you give to your children!

Take care of your rest!

Caffeine can have important effects on our rest, so you should be careful of all things in which it can hide, because many small quantities have the same effects of a cup of coffee!

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