Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday: The Shortest, the Longest and The Best Day To Sleep!

These are the 3 key-days for resting, according to the Sleep Cycle App research that has recorded data of 941.329 users.

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday: The Shortest, the Longest and The Best Day To Sleep!

When do we sleep less, when more, and which is the best day of the week for sleeping? Find out now in this article!

Monday Continues in Its Role As the Worst Day!

As may be expected, Monday is the most difficult wake up: On average we sleep 20 minutes less than the other days of the week. Swiss and German people lose more minutes of sleep, about 24 minutes on Monday morning!

On Wednesday the Better Sleep!

The quality of our sleep reaches its peaks on Wednesday. About the 58% of the World population sleeps in the best way on Wednesday night: China leads the group followed by the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Saturday, the Favorite Day to Sleep!

All the World loves Saturday! As many as 90% of users sleep more time on Saturday morning, 30 minutes of sleep more than usual. Portugal is the highest-ranked Country with 41 minutes more.

What About Sunday Morning?

According to data recorded by Sleep Cycle, Sunday morning is the day we wake up in a better mood!

Mexicans, Colombians, and Chileans are the happiest, followed by Switzerland and Austria! Instead Americans and Canadians prefer Saturday morning!

Which Is Your Best Day to Sleep?

Choose to sleep great every day of the week! Find out the mattresses retailer closest to you and how to give yourself a perfect sleep, even on Monday!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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