How Will We Sleep In the Future?

A long time ago, we rested on stone-beds in the caves but fortunately today we can use many innovations that allow us to have a healthy and regenerating sleep.

How Will We Sleep In the Future?

Our beds, our rooms, and our sleep habits have evolved through the centuries and certainly we will not stop here! Do you want to know more about it?

The Nap Pod to Take a Nap

Now, it’s a fact that our lives have become too chaotic! For this reason, the afternoon nap is almost an essential step in the lives of many.

The Nap Pod to Take a Nap

Even the big companies have realized that giving the opportunity to its employees to rest in the workplace is important. For instance, the “Nap Pod” of companies like Google are small pods where you can “recharge your batteries” for a few minutes!

Take Under Control Your Dreams…

Some scientists are working on the possibility of controlling the dreams through the stimulation of certain parts of the brain by means of sensors: the road is still long but these technologies could help those people who suffer from nightmares and other disorders related to severe trauma or stress.

Take Under Control Your Dreams…

Connected Mattresses!

Many of these technologies are already available but not yet marketed: mattresses can connect to our devices and monitor our sleep and then suggest us some solutions to improve our rest!

Connected Mattresses!

In a little time, your mattress could tell you that it’s time to change your bed system. 

That’s Not All!

In the future, your mattress could be able to maintain the perfect temperature in bed, set the firmness to your preferences and needs, monitor your pulse, blood pressure and choose the right moment to sound the alarm!

Sleep Well in the Present! Choose a Manifattura Falomo Mattress!

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