The world’s 5 strangest alarm clocks!

If you’re tired of the usual annoying alarm clock sound that throws you off the bed every morning, then you’ll be happy to know that there are really special alarm clocks in the world!

The world’s 5 strangest alarm clocks!

The alarm clock that “runs away” and the one that “brings sunshine in your home”, learn how to make your awakening unforgettable!

1. Try and catch me!

If the strategy of placing the alarm clock away from the bed didn’t work with you, then the one equipped with wheels, that starts running around the room as soon as it goes off, will do the trick!

The world’s 5 strangest alarm clocks! Pic by:

2. On the fly!

If running weren’t to be enough, you can also find the version with an integrated flying saucer to “catch” if you want to switch it off!

The world’s 5 strangest alarm clocks! Pic by: Fliegender

3. Waking up… by nose!

We have also dug up an alarm clock that “gives off smells”! You can choose from obviously pleasant smells: coffee, hot brioche and chocolate or the scent of the sea or a particular flower. Definitely not suitable for heavy sleepers!

The world’s 5 strangest alarm clocks! Pic by: Sensorwake

4. An alarm clock with sun on the inside!

Perhaps the most complete and “delicate” of all: this alarm clock, in fact, already 30 minutes before the set time, starts spreading a light very similar to natural sunlight at dawn around the room. Moreover, nature sounds like the chirping of birds or the sound of wind blowing through the trees, will accompany your sweet awakening!

The world’s 5 strangest alarm clocks! Pic by: Wakeuptothesunriselight

5. An “explosive” awakening!

It appears that there are people in the world who aren’t able to hear ordinary alarm clocks: a company has developed a “bomb” alarm clock for these people. It can make a sound of 116 decibels, vibrate the mattress thanks to an external device and let out a bright and flashing red light. Only for strong hearts!

The world’s 5 strangest alarm clocks! Pic by:

Sleep well and waking up will be easy!

Make sure you rest on a bed system that is suitable for you and you won’t need any “extreme alarm” to get you up in the morning!

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