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Mattresses, pillows and bed frames. 100% Made in Italy.

For over 60 years our mission has been to promote the culture of “Healthy Sleep” by manufacturing mattresses, pillows and bed frames for quality mattresses. 100% Made in Italy.

Discover the full range of mattresses we produce: memory foam and spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, mattresses with independent springs, aquatech mattresses, latex mattresses, soy mattresses, spring mattresses and mattresses for children.

To complete the product range, we manufacture memory foam and latex pillows motorized and fixed, slatted bed bases made of metal and wood.

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Cool pillow and mattress? Discover our Memory Fresh Blue products!

Cool pillow and mattress? Discover our Memory Fresh Blue products!
With the summer heat setting in, sleeping at night can become a real challenge. But here’s the solution: a Memory Fresh Blue mattress and pillow! As temperatures rise, the...

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Proper mattress care? Here are 7 tips to make sure you get it right!

Proper mattress care? Here are 7 tips to make sure you get it right!
It’s never too late to take care of your mattress, whether it’s a new purchase or a product you’ve been using for quite some time. Proper mattress maintenance allows us...

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Bruxism: how to stop teeth grinding during sleep?

Bruxism: how to stop teeth grinding during sleep?
Approximately 20% of adults, both men and women, suffer from bruxism, which occurs during sleeping hours. Nighttime bruxism not only affects the teeth but also the quality of...

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Choose the category of mattresses that suits you!

Mattresses De Luxe

Discover Manifattura Falomo’s most prestigious mattresses, made with silk, cashmere and exclusive materials.

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Classic Mattresses

Discover the spring mattresses with Bonnel springs and mattresses with independent springs: Manifattura Falomo’s traditional mattresses.

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The Most Convenient

Discover in this section all the mattresses of Manifattura Falomo’s convenient range.

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Patented mattresses

Discover now the innovative mattresses patented by Manifattura Falomo’s research center.

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Our products, fully guaranteed, also for your children’s rest.

Handmade in Italy

All our mattresses, pillows, cushions and beds are made in our factory in Italy. Since 1962.
Discover the real Made in Italy!


Certified Materials

All quality certifications are shown for each product: click the icons in any product and find out all the details of the certifications!


Hygienical & Safe

Among our range of products you will find hypoallergenic mattresses and pillows, with removable lining and washable at high temperatures: discover now all the features of our products!


Guaranteed Products

All our products are guaranteed: download and read our warranty.

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