Adjustable bed bases: how and why they improve your sleep

Sleep quality is a key factor for our health and well-being. In addition to the most appropriate mattress for our physical features and sleep needs, an adjustable bed base can also make the difference between a restorative and a sleepless night.

Adjustable bed bases: how and why they improve your sleep

If you are looking for a solution to improve the quality of your rest, find out why adjustable bed bases may work for you!

How do adjustable bed bases work?

Unlike fixed bed basesreclinable bed bases can be adjusted to raise the chest and legs to create a custom position for sleeping or reading.

Only one side can be adjusted for some bed bases, as in the case of the Antireflux Plus Heart.

Plus Heart Antireflux bed base

While others allow synchronized adjustment of the footrest or headrest, as for the Dual Manual bed base.

Dual manual bed base

In addition, there are highly innovative types of bed bases equipped with ultra-quiet motors and several pivot points to allow many different positions, as in the case of Ergomovie Medical or Inca Motor, just to name a few.

Ergomovie medical motorized bed base

In short, whether it’s a motorized or manual adjustable bed base, it can easily be adapted to our needs, allowing us to benefit from maximum comfort and greater flexibility while resting.

Adjustable bed bases and health benefits

In addition to making it easier to get in and out of bed and significantly reducing the effort required to stand up and sit down, these bed bases can offer numerous health benefits.

Relieve pressure, reduce leg swelling, and improve circulation

For example, lifting the lower part of the bed base helps us relieve pressure on joints, reduce swelling of legs and ankles, and improve circulation.

Improve acid reflux and prevent snoring

While, adjusting the upper side of the bed base allows us to limit problems related to acid reflux and back painimprove breathing at night and prevent snoring.

Our adjustable bed bases, safe and 100% Made in Italy

Manifattura Falomo bed bases are made with fine beech wood certified by the best European research institutes. In addition, manual and motorized reclinable bed bases are designed in the HealthySleep laboratories to ensure the best posture and maximum comfort.

Also, always remember that the type of mattress influences the choice of one bed base over another.

Before discovering all Manifattura Falomo’s bed base models, here are the 4 questions you should ask yourself before your new purchase!

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