Bamboo In Mattresses? This is Why!

The bamboo, appropriately treated, produces a natural eco-friendly fiber with exceptional characteristics.


The fiber absorbs and dissipates the odors and the polluting gases, ensuring high breathability and preventing the mold’s formation. Moreover this fiber contrasts the proliferation of allergic microorganism.

Bamboo in Mattresses?

The yarn emits infrared rays not harmful with a low-frequency that warms the body and keeps the microclimate dry, increases cellular activity, improves blood circulation and, last but not least, it releases negative ions to the environment.

These negative ions, as well as contrast and balance the harmful overabundance of positive ions (emitted by the electrical system, computers, air conditioning, building materials and paints) have a positive effect on the human body, relax our mind, dispel the fatigue accumulated after a workday and help us to sleep better.

The 6 Beneficial Effects of the Bamboo in the Mattress

  1. Absorbs and dissipates the odors.
  2. Ensures high breathability.
  3. Keeps dry the microclimate.
  4. Counters the proliferation of the allergenic microorganism.
  5. Releases negative ions.
  6. Disperses electromagnetic waves of the bed.
Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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