Bamboo: all the benefits of the eco-friendly fiber. Even for your rest!

Apart from being good for the environment and our body, bamboo fiber is a natural material that helps us sleep better.

Bamboo: all the benefits of the eco-friendly fiber. Even for your rest!

Let’s find out why!

Bamboo is an exotic plant typical of our planet’s tropical and subtropical areas. Plants grow with a minimum amount of water (usually rainwater is enough) and without the use of chemicals.

However, its reputation is well known even on our side of the world, making it increasingly employed in the textile industry!

How is bamboo fiber used?

Bamboo fiber is obtained from the stem of the plant and its fabric features exceptional properties. Therefore, it is ideal for products that we use close to our body, such as underwear, bath sponges, sheets, pillows and yes, also mattresses!

Bamboo fabric

All the properties of bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is exceptionally softlightweight, and shiny. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties thanks to a natural bio-agent called bamboo-kun.

Bamboo: the “4 seasons” fabric

Furthermore, did you know that bamboo fabric is exceptionally breathable? Thanks to its many micro-gaps, it absorbs and dissipates moisture, thus regulating our body temperature. This characteristic allows us to classify it as a “4 seasons” fabric, which means warm in winter and cool in summer.

Bamboo and its benefits on sleep

Lastly, besides removing mites and bacteria, bamboo fiber has the extraordinary ability to generate negative ions that mitigate the electromagnetic pollution produced by the electrical systems around the house. This feature has a positive effect on our body, allowing our mind to relax, eliminating mental fatigue accumulated during a long day, and helping us rest better!

Still in doubt on why choose bamboo fabric?

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