Why Our Best Ideas Come When We Sleep?

It’s all a matter of brain waves. When you’re awake, your brain is ruled by the “Beta waves”: at this time your conscious mind is focused on and driven by what you want to do.

Why Our Best Ideas Come When We Sleep?

While you’re awake your intelligence is at the best, but not necessarily your creativity. So is it true that while we’re sleeping we are more creative and therefore we have the best ideas? 

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You Relax and the Alpha Waves gain the upper hand, Thankfully!

When we relax our brain is in “Alpha Waves” mode and starts the “super-learning” status. This particular phase promotes our creativity and learning and makes them more easily accessible and manageable in this phase.

After the Alpha Waves, There’re the Theta Waves

The “Theta waves” usually come in the sleep-phase during the REM phase or when we are in deep meditation. This highly creative state of mind can influence our subconscious, which is normally inaccessible to the conscious mind. Often, when you have a burst of inspiration, you also have a peak of Theta waves!

The Waves Progression and the Creativity Increase

So, with this waves progression from Beta to Alpha, and Theta, you may notice that as you approach or activate the Theta waves, entering the Rem phase, your brain is clearly more creative.

On the Giant’s Shoulder…

Thomas Edison, in the early ‘900, had already realized that his brain was more creative during the first sleep-phase than when he was awake. In fact, often he slept sitting on a chair, his harm leaning on his elbow and a handful of marbles in his hand. He thought about his problem until he fall asleep, and soon, when the balls fell to the floor, he woke up and wrote everything that was in his mind: creative solutions, new ideas or just reminders.

Make a Test!

Try to make a test! Do not use glass marbles, just keep a recorder next to your bed so you can remember your dreams or your ideas when you wake up during the night, or before falling asleep, and think about it with a fresh perspective the day after! There is an astonishing number of things we don’t remember the morning after!

We Need a Quality Sleep for Having Great Ideas

What better way to ensure a quality sleep than using the right bed system? Please note that the bed system consists of mattress, pillow and bed base (also knows as slatted): They harmoniously interact with each other, and promote a healthy sleep only if they’re chosen correctly.

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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