Bielastic Med: breathe well & sleep better!

The medical and therapeutic silver qualities are already well-known over thousand of years. Today the silver is widely used in medical centers and hospitals around the world.

Medicott: Breath Well & Sleep Better!

Manifattura Falomo has decided to use it for the anti-allergic Bielastic Med and Med Silver Plus mattresses production, a special fabric using for the lining and the padding of the mattresses.

If you or someone in your family suffer dust mite allergy, you should not miss this article and find out how to improve your sleep forever!

Bielastic Med: the ideal solution for allergic people

We know that sleeping in a healthy environment is essential for our wellbeing, but often, especially for people who suffer from mite allergies, it is not so obvious having a regenerating sleep!

The linings and paddings for people who suffer allergies made of Bielastic Med have an anti-mite and non-allergic function.

How does Bielastic Med work?

Bielastic Med fabric is processed with substances such as hydrogen peroxide, completely safe for human beings, such that all substances that may be in cotton fibers are expelled.

When using Med Silver Plus, in addition to the anti-mite finishing process, you have the anti-bacterial action of the silver.

Keep in mind that all the features and qualities of the Bielastic Med fabrics are kept even after washing. This is a fabric that prevents the development of mold and bacteria, so it needs less maintenance: you’ll get optimal hygiene and freshness at 40°C!

Here are the reasons for choosing Bielastic Med!

The innovation brought by Bielastic Med gives many advantages:

  • It destroys the bacteria and neutralizes the ammonia.
  • Prevents the development of mold and bacteria, the main nutrients for mites.
  • Bielastic Med fabrics don’t contain fungicides.
  • Holds the heat during the winter, and keeps you cool in Summer.
  • Maintains a dry microclimate, that promotes the transfer of moistures to the outside.
  • Repels the dust (antistatic features).
  • Acts as a natural shield against electromagnetic waves generated from natural magnetic fields and/or from home appliances (TV, alarm clock, mobile phones etc.).
  • Reduces edemas of legs and promote proper blood circulation.
  • Tested up to 250 washes at 95°C.

Test our mattresses with Bielastic Med covers!

What are you waiting for? Find out now the mattresses retailer closest to you, and don’t lose the opportunity to test in person our Bielastic Med and Med Silver Plus mattress!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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