Buying the right mattress: the 4 things you should do in the store!

So, now that you are convinced that you need to replace your old mattress with a brand new one, what you should do exactly in the store to avoid mistakes on your purchase?

Buying The Mattress: Here 4 Things You Should Do in The Store!

Read this article and discover these 4 simple tips to avoid mistakes when you’ll buy your brand new mattress!

1. Choose a new mattress together with your partner

All of us have different preferences for our rest, even if your partner sleeps with you, our advice is to try it with him in the store, for 2 reasons:

  1. both will fit the type, size and stiffness of the mattress;
  2. you’ll test together your double-mattress.

Dress yourself comfortably and wear shoes easy to remove because it’s advisable to test the mattress together, without shoes, and taking different positions: on the side, on back or on your belly.

2. Relax, you’re in a mattress store!

It’s equally important for each mattress you test, to try it a few minutes and relax yourself. Change your position, and if it’s necessary, change the size of your mattress, making sure that your hips and your shoulders will give you the feeling of being well supported.

Do not be shy or embarrassed! You are in a mattress store and the retailer guy expects that you try the mattresses without shyness!

3. Get to know your mattress better, starting from the store

It’s equally important to know the mattress you’re trying, read the technical details, read the label, find the materials that is made up the mattress you’re trying, especially if you suffer from dust mite allergy.
If you are oriented to a particular brand of mattress, read the mattress features on their website or ask a direct comparison to the dealer guy, asking him to write down on a paper the key points of each model of mattress you’ve tested and feels right for you (and your partner!).

Don’t forget to evaluate the guarantee of the mattress which should be easy to understand. For any unclear point or difficult interpretation, contact the mattress manufacturer.

4. No: don’t purchase a mattress without trying it first, it may not be the right solution

The mattress, with the pillow and the bed base, constitutes your bed system, that is the place where you’ll spend one third of your whole life.

Choosing the mattress without trying it in the store, most of the time is a wrong choice: You risk to compromise the beneficial effect of a good mattress combined with the right pillow, and so, the overall quality of your sleep.

Our advice?

Now, you know that you need to test the mattress with your partner, take off your shoes and relax on any model you’ll try and that you have to pay attention to the material with which the mattress is made.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the nearest mattress store!

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