Do You Know What Is Inside Your Mattress?

When you go to the supermarket or to your dealer, do you make sure that what you are going to buy is a quality food? Do you check the expire date and its provenance?

Do you know what is inside your mattress?

You bet! And how many times do you ask to the dealer further information about what you’re buying to make sure it’s safe, manufactured, and packaged in accordance with national and international standards and laws?

Read this article and find out which are the essential certifications for a quality mattress.

Do You Know What Are You Buying?

Certainly when you buy something for your family, whether clothing or food, you make sure of its origin and check that it can not be harmful to you or to your kids.

You should do the same when buying a mattress, on which we spend more or less a third of our life.

A Third Of Our Life. Yes, You Heard That Right!

Can you bet on the safety of your mattress? Maybe you don’t know that there are a lot of certifications that can guarantee the quality of your mattress.

If you already have a mattress or you are thinking about buying a new one, please check the certification marks on it!

Why Is It So Important Knowing More About Your Mattress?

The mattresses are made of several different materials, more or less natural, but in any case must be not harmful for our health!

If a mattress doesn’t meet the due standards, certified by specific certifications, the chemicals used in the production, from allies for our wellbeing, they become dangerous enemies for our body.

Which Are The Most Important Certifications For Our Health?

The needed certification to produce high quality standards mattress are several.

The 2 Most Important Certifications

  1. Oeko-Tex Standard 100, this certificate attests the total absence of harmful substances for our health in the product.
  2. HygCen, this certificate ensure that your skin is not in contact with harmful substances.

You can imagine the importance of these 2 certifications in mattress production, pillows and bed base for children!

But That’s Not At All!

Here below we list other certificates, not less important, and present on our entire range of products:

  • CATAS: Safety certification required by European Law (UNI EN 1725).
  • ECO Institut: Eco-friendly certification.
  • EURO LATEX Eco Standard: European certification that attests the latex products quality.
  • 100% LATEX: European certification on compliance with Community rules relating to products made of natural latex.
  • LGA: Laboratory tests for evaluating the quality of different materials used for mattresses.
  • REACH: European regulation for the authorization or restriction on the use of chemicals.

Make a Safe Choice!

Do not wait more! Find out now your mattresses retailer closest to you and make your rest safe and certified!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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