4 Shortcuts to Eliminate Gastric-Reflux & Have a Better Sleep.

1 out of 3 people have a case of it. The gastric-reflux is a widespread disorder, and many of us suffering from it without knowing it.

Do you occasionally suffer from heartburn upon awaking or during the night?

4 Shortcuts to Eliminate Gastric-Reflux & Have a Better Sleep.

If yes, you should read this article and do not underestimate this annoying disease, that can initially be seen as a pathological condition, but in the long term could become a real chronic disease.

Don’t miss these 4 fast ways to limit the gastric-reflux from tonight!

Nighttime Heartburn: A First Symptom of Alarm

If you periodically suffer from heartburn during the night or upon awaking, at least once a week, you could have gastric-reflux.

Overweight, Smoking, Alcohol, Chocolate and Coffee…

It seems necessary to make a clarification with some “precepts”, that surely you’ve heard at least once. Avoid to exaggerate with these well-know sleep enemies, try to:

  • Do not eat too much at dinner.
  • Do not exaggerate with alcoholic drinks, especially during the evening.
  • Do not smoke too much (the smoke weakens the valve between the stomach and the esophagus).
  • Try to avoid chocolate dessert and coffee after dinner.
    You know, it’s very difficult put these advices into practice, but it’s worth to have a bad sleep and compromise the quality of your rest?

Solution 1: Sleep On the Left Side For a Better Digestion

Recents research done by “The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology” have revealed that sleeping on the left side keeps the joint between the esophagi and the stomach above the gastric acid level, in particular it limits the gastric reflux. So our first advice is to try to sleep on the left side.

Solution 2: The Little Triangle Mattress

An equally valid and effective solution is to use a little triangle mattress to get up your mattress in the neck area and then to sleep with a slight slope in favor of the stomach to contrast with the force of gravity the “ascent of gastric juices”. You can obtain the same effect using a reclined bed base.

Solution 3: A Walk After Dinner Helps To Digest Better And Stimulates Blood Circulation

Don’t do physical activity before going to sleep, rather then take a 20 minutes-walk at a steady pace, like this you’ll help the digestion and decrease the chances of having heartburn during the night.

Solution 4: Chewing Gum After Dinner

Chewing gum after dinner definitely helps you to reduce heartburn, but this way can not represent your “final solution” to the acid reflux problem.

Our Advice To Fight In the Best Way The Acid Reflux

So, now that you are aware of the problem, you’ll try to not overeat at dinner, you’ll drink alcohol with moderation and you’ll try to sleep on the left side, our wisest advice is to consult a gastroenterologist.

Ok, But When I Sleep, I don’t Suffer From Heartburn…

If you think that the heartburn is not the cause of your sleep problems, don’t wait anymore! Find now the nearest mattress retailer and improve your sleep from tonight!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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