Is It Harmful To Sleep “On Your Stomach”? Here How To Change This Bad Habit.

Often we read that the position assuming during the night, says a lot about our personality! We don’t know if this is true, but certainly, the position we prefer to sleep can have serious impact on our sleep quality.

Is It Harmful To Sleep “On Your Stomach”? Here How To Change This Bad Habit.

Among the most common positions assuming during the night, the one “on your stomach” can have several negative effects.

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Sleeping On Your Stomach is harmful. Got It?

According to a recent survey, people who sleep “on stomach” are less than those who sleep on their back or on the side, but however, it’s a very popular position, and like the others, difficult to change.

The way we sleep during the night is almost an unconscious choice. In fact often you fall asleep in a position, and then you wake up in another one, without remembering you did!

What Kind Of Effects Can Have Sleeping On Your Stomach?

Sleeping on your stomach, by placing incorrectly your cervical vertebrae, can cause:

  • neck pain;
  • chronic headaches;
  • back problems.

But do not worry! You’re be able to stop sleeping on your stomach by following these 3 simple tips!

3 Tips To Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach.

  1. Convince yourself. Lie on your bed in supine or “on the side” position. See yourself with your mind eyes sleeping on this position and associate this image to something positive, like a  regenerating sleep! Often the conviction to do something positive helps to change bad habits.
  2. Change your ritual. If you use to read a book before sleeping (even this a habit that should be changed), now listen some relaxing music. Changing several habits at once is easier than changing one at a time!
  3. Use an obstacle. Lie on your bed in a supine or “on one side” position and put 2 pillows on the side of your body. In this way, if you try to turn around during the night, even unconsciously, you will encounter an obstacle that will make you give up from your purpose!

How To Have a Restful Night?

Now that you know how to stop sleeping on your stomach, it’s very important that you choose a “bed system” that meets your physiological characteristics. As well as lie down in a position, that does not damage your sleep quality, it’s equally important to do it using a quality mattress, pillow and bed base.

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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