How Quiet is Your Mattress? Yes, You Have Heard Right.

Nowadays there are many types of quality mattresses available. If you are oriented toward a spring mattress or independent spring mattress, you should consider this important feature: the noise of the mattress.

How Quiet is Your Mattress? Yes, You Have Heard Right.

In this article we’ll give you 3 simple tips to let you understand if the noiseless of your mattress, or of the mattress you’re going to buy, is apt for a restful rest.

Stop with sleep disturbed by the “noise” movements of the partner! Keep on reading this article and find out now how to do the right choice about your brand new spring mattress or independent spring mattress...

1) Check the Bed-Bases

In case of sagging mattress, it’s very likely that the springs rub each other, especially when they get back their original form: The typical noise produced is the creaking of a half shut door.

Are you sure that this noise is not caused by the bed-base where the mattress is placed? Our first tip is to shift your mattress and verify the noise of your bed-base!

If the bed-base where the mattress is placed is noisy, especially a metal bed-base, then no matter how you apply yourself to choose the right spring noiseless mattress: You’ll have a disturbed sleep by the noise. Take a look to our ergonomical and noiseless bed-bases available!

2) Which Kind of Mattress Do You Have?

If a spring-mattress has come to “end of its life”, in the sense that the springs are deformed and the stuffing are yield, there are much more chances that the springs touch each other and start to produce the typical squeaking.

Moreover, if the pocket-spring mattress has exceeded 8-10 years, the felt mattress pad tends to harden and to creak, producing the typical noise of a “folded cardboard”. The noise of the spring mattress, so may also depend on the rubbing of the mattress’s internal materials, as well as on the recovery of the original shape of the springs.

Generally the mattresses that don’t have springs are more quiet. The other kinds of mattress, such as latex mattresses, memory mattresses and aquatech mattresses are very quiet. If you have this kind of mattress and you hear noises when you move during the night, most likely the problem comes from the bed-base.

3) What You Should Do In the Store to Test the Noisiness of the Mattress?

Consider that also the slightest noise during the night can disturb your sleep.

When you’ll be in the mattress store, follow these simple tips to test the noisiness of the mattress:

  • Take off your shoes.
  • Lay down on the mattress and relax!
  • Try to change your position on the mattress.

When you test a new mattress in the store, keep in mind that there should be environmental noises. Moreover, pay attention to consider, besides all the ergonomical aspects, even its quietness, because, due to incorrect construction techniques, you may find mattresses that “have noises within them”.

In Summary

So, now that you’ll check the metallic bed base where your mattress is placed and the materials of which is made, all you can do right now is to test personally the mattress you would like to buy.

Where? Find out the specialist dealer nearest to you in less than 30 seconds!

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