How to choose the right mattress? Here’s our guide!

Is it time to pick a new mattress, and you don’t know where to start?

How to choose the right mattress? Here’s our guide!

Don’t worry, you are in the right place to find all the information you need for your next purchase. In this article, we will lead you step by step in selecting your ideal mattress!

1. Listen to your body

First, identify your physical features and peculiarities. Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, or muscle aches? Do you have specific preferences regarding comfort or support? Perhaps you have allergies or other personal necessities that must be considered.

Ask yourself these questions and listen to your body. Writing down your considerations without leaving any aspects out and discussing them with your trusted retailer will undoubtedly be helpful.

2. Soft or hard mattress?

Mattress firmness is an essential factor to ensuring you get a restful sleep without the onset of future complications. This is why you should tell the specialized salesperson your weight, height, and usual sleeping position to determine the degree of support that suits you best.

3. What is the best material?

Are you familiar with the different types of mattresses available on the market? There are latex mattresses and more traditional , memory mattresses, and more innovative pocket spring mattresses pocket springs with memory foam. In short, each material has its characteristics in terms of support and comfort, so we recommend that you talk to an experienced retailer to find out which type of mattress offers you the best comfort.

4. Will it be easy to clean?

One of the elements that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a new mattress is the mattress cover. Make sure it is made of breathable,anti-mite, and easy-to-clean fabric.

You can choose between mattresses with removable and non-removable mattress covers. The first come with a removable cover that can be easily machine-washed or dry-cleaned, while the second come with a cover that can generally be cleaned with a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner. Indeed, any allergies (and children sharing your bed!) will guide your choice!

5. Lie down and try the mattress in the store

When you visit a mattress store, be sure to try each model presented by the retailer. You will not have to simply sit down; instead, you should lie down and get comfortable, just as if you were in your own bed!

Soak in the experience, close your eyes, relax, lie on your side and back, and feel your body correctly sustained in all positions.

6. The hand test

To determine if the stiffness of the mattress you tried is appropriate for you, lie down on your back and slip your hand between your lower back area and the mattress. If your hand struggles to fit, the mattress is too soft for your body weight. On the contrary, the mattress is too firm if your hand enters too easily. Therefore, you will need to try more models to find the right balance!

7. Look for your closest mattress store!

Our most important recommendation? Since a mattress stays with us for many years and has the tough job of providing nights of restorative sleep, it is important to try different mattress models in person to make the right choice. So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest specialized mattress store now!

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