How To Choose The Right Mattress For You?

Independent springs mattresses, latex mattresses, or mattresses made by new materials like aqua-tech mattresses? Now we are going to compare features and advantages of different kinds of mattresses.

How To Choose The Right Mattress For You?

At first sight the mattresses could appear to you all the same. To understand the differences and to evaluate the features of the different kinds, we advise you to refer to a specialized dealer.

Here are the most important features to consider to make a good and conscious choice!

  • Weight and height of the person that use the mattress are the starting point to determinate the most appropriate degree of rigidity.
  • The material. To choose the most appropriate mattress, you have to consider any allergies, in addition to the type of sweating, more or less heavy. It’s also important to evaluate the temperature and humidity of the room.
  • Type of use. If the mattress should be use for a bed in a holiday home or for a pullout bed, you can choose it also with a lower weight and height because it provides a limited use.
  • Duration. All the mattresses by law must have a year warranty. Some companies offer a longer one, for example 5 years.

The mattress influences, at least partly, the sleep quality and well-being of the user. Here below the answers to some of the most widespread doubts at time to purchase.

How to Buy The Most Comfortable?

Some sale points have a dedicated area where you can test all the features of the mattresses and verify the rigidity. You should lay down for a minimum of 10 minutes, possibly in the position you usually sleep. To understand the differences, try alternately 3/4 kinds of mattresses.

Which Bed-Base Match to It?

More and more popular are the layer beech wood, which, for an appropriate support, must have at least 12 listels. Some models have swivel joints to guarantee a higher comfort. Make sure they are sturdy, quietly and practical to use.

The Rigidity is Adequate?

The mattress must be ergonomical, supporting the line of the user’s body. A stout person needs a harder kind of mattress, softer the others. In many kinds of mattresses, the structure is composed by different areas that offer support to various parts of the body.

The mattress is too soft when, laying down on it, you can easily roll from side to side; or when you stay on one’s side, it tends to sink. The mattress is too hard when, laying down in the supine position, you can get through a hand under the back near the lumbar region: A mattress that is not appropriate for your body, strains the back and the shoulders.

For all these reasons, the whole range of Manifattura Falomo mattresses and bed bases offers a wide variety of sleep products, to make sure that every client can find the best solution for a better rest and a constant welbeing.

For more information about our sleep products, please visit our website where you can find all the technical features of our handmade products: mattresses, pillows and bed bases.

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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