How to Sleep In a Natural Way and Avoid 2 Wrong Positions.

Do you sleep in a natural way? Are you sure about that? Sleeping in a natural way not only means sleeping in contact with natural materials, but also taking a natural position while you sleep.

How to Sleep In a Natural Way and Avoid 2 Wrong Positions.

Don’t miss this article, find out now these 2 wrong positions and start to avoid them by tonight. Say goodbye to muscle pains or neck pains on awakening. Enjoy the reading!

Do You Sleep On a Natural Mattress?

Take advantage of the beneficial effect of staying in contact with natural materials, is good not only for your skin, which is not in contact with synthetic materials, but also for your sleep.

Mattress made of natural materials such as soy, tend to favor the micro air circulation and thus to create an ideal microclimate, which is able to evaporate the moisture of the body and ensure you a regenerating sleep.   

And What About You? Do You Sleep In a “Natural” Position?

Once you lie on bed, you tend to take your favorite position, every night, without thinking too much.

But this natural position, you take during the night, may be not correct and can cause a mismatch between the spine, the neck and the shoulders. Everything is compounded if your mattress is too soft or the pillow is too hard.

Wrong Position 1: On Your Belly

If you sleep on your belly with your head turned to one side, probably you hyper-flex your neck and exert a wrong pressure on your arms, causing annoying tingling, which can awake you, compromising the quality of your sleep.

Tip: Try to put up your body using a thin pillow under the hip area.

Wrong Position 2: “Soldier” Position

If you sleep on your back, you may have a higher likelihood of snoring, that is a problem for you, because you have not a regenerating rest, and also for your partner.

Tip: If you see the persistence of snoring, try to put a pillow under the knees and a small one under your lower back. If the problem continue, consult a specialized doctor in treating on sleep disorders.

The“Natural” Position: Sleep On Your Side, With Knees Bent and the Arms Folded.

This is the best position because is the most natural, also called fetal position because we have taken it since the birth. This position allows the natural curvature of the spine.

Tip: It’s possible to reduce the stress on the hips and improve the comfort, using a slim pillow between the knees.

Our Tip: Find Out the Right “Hardness” For Your Mattress And Your Pillow.

Now that you know which positions to avoid and which position you should assume during the night, pay attention to the mattress and to the pillow you choose, keeping count of the hardness (technically called carrying capacity) and of the materials.

Try to strike a balance between the mattress and pillow materials (especially if you suffer from dust-mite allergy) and the best hardness for your posture.

Don’t You Know How Find the Mattress And the Pillow With the Right Hardness?

Seek advice from the closest mattress expert dealer!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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