What is the best time to get to sleep?

You’ve always wondered about it, ever since you were a child and your mother or grandma sent you off to bed. But what is the ideal time to go to sleep?

What is the best time to get to sleep?

Researches about it, do not consider just the best time to go to sleep, but also when our body is best placed to carry out all the day activities.

Do not miss this article and find out what is the best time to go to sleep!

At 10 am we are ready for everything!

It appears that 10 am is the ideal time to carry out the more difficult and challenging tasks, especially mental tasks! So the best moment to find a solution to our work problems, or to solve that impossible maths exercise, is at 10in the morning.

In the afternoon, workout!

The afternoon is the best time for physical activity! But not too late! Keep in mind that workout stimulate our body, increasing its temperature. If you do physical activity after 7pm, you risk of not being able to fall asleep until late! If you want to go into depth on the matter, please read this article on our blog: Warning: That’s When You Should Do Physical Activity To Sleep Better.

So what is the best time to go to sleep?

Research on circadian rhythm have shown that sleeping from 10pm to 6 am gives the best results in terms of productivity and vitality. The light has a key role. In fact, the exposure to the light is the trigger for many of our biological processes. When we expose our body to artificial light sources at time when nature has instead decided to “turn off the light”, we active some biological processes in a wrong time.

Do you think that waking up at 6 am doesn’t help you to face the day full of energy? Try it and see! Go to sleep between 9 pm and 11 pm, your body after 7/8 hours will be rested! Do not think that going to sleep at 1 am and waking up at 9 am is the same! Our body has been set up to follow the nature cycles.

So, when the sun goes down, do not pass too many hours before going to sleep. And so in the morning, at sunrise, our body will feel ready to face the new day! 

Change your bad habits!

If you wake up in the morning hardly, and you feel often tired during the day, you probably don’t sleep in the right hours or perhaps you do it on low quality bed. Keep in mind that for a regenerating sleep, you need a quality mattress, pillow and bed base!

What are you waiting for? Find now the closest mattress retailer and start sleeping better from tonight!

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