Mattress: True or False? 5 Unbelievable Truths About Mattress.

We all have to deal with sleep problems, sometimes. In magazines, on TV or on the Web you can find a lot of good tips to sleep better, but unfortunately the misinformation is a lot as well. Now we want to make it clear once and for all some of the most shocking truths about mattress.

Mattress: True or False? 5 Unbelievable Truths About Mattress.

If you are one of that people who have trouble to sleep, do not miss this article, and improve your sleep tonight!

1) An Harder Mattress Is Better For Your Back: FALSE.

For years doctors have recommended to sleep on hard mattress in order to avoid back and lumbar pain. However, recent studies have shown us another truth: a medium rigidity mattress seems to have more beneficial effects on back pain. In addition, back pains can be caused by many factors, not all related to the mattress. We advice you, as always, to test in person the mattress in the store, so you will not regret the purchase later.

2) The Mattress Should Be Changed Every 8 Years: TRUE/FALSE

The mattress manufacturers recommend changing mattress every 8/10 years. This is true in most cases, but really the best judge of your mattress are you! There are many factors to consider, first of all the fact of waking up well rested after a good night’s sleep!

3) It’s Important to reverse Up-Down And Head-Foot the Mattress: TRUE

If you leave the mattress in the same position for a long time without turning it up-down or head-foot, the heavy stress at the same points can reduce the performance of your mattress.

For this reason and for a uniform consume of the mattress, we advice you to rotate up-down and head-foot the mattress at least 2 times per year.

4) A Good Mattress Can Be Placed On Any Bed Base: FALSE

Too often it’s not given the proper relevance to the bed base of the mattress. Actually it’s just important as the mattress itself and its choice is important, too.

The bed bases for the mattress are not all the same and especially are not suitable to any type of mattress.

Regardless of the type of bed base mattress you chose, it’s important to spent a little time and pay attention in the choice of the latter: a quality bed base certainly will ensure you a better sleep.

5) Latex Mattress Are All The same: FALSE

The choice must be done considering other aspects in addition to the percentage of natural latex contained inside it. There are many other elements involved in determining the comfort of a latex mattress.

The thickness of the core, the form, the density, the impressed design on the surface and the traverse channels are all determining factors.

The experience of producing latex mattress leads us to say that a quality latex mattress must have progressive load-bearing zones and a minimum thickness of 16 cm and density of at least 65 Kg/mc.

→ Mattress and Healthy Sleep: Our advice

Producing mattress for over 50 years, we have learnt the bad habits that our customers have about sleeping.

Do not underestimate the importance of a quality bed system, consisting of the right mattress, the right pillow and the right bed base, and don’t forget: only testing it in person can ensure you a restful and tailor-made sleep!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office


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