Linen: why do we choose it for our mattresses?

Linen is the world’s most ancient natural fabric. Widely appreciated back in the days, it is still considered an extremely elegant and refined textile.

Linen: why do we choose it for our mattresses?

After talking about silk and bamboo, let’s discover the great qualities of this popular material!

Linen: a gift from the gods

The history of linen fabric traces back more than thousands of years. Ancient civilizations believed it was a gift granted by the gods: considered the most precious natural fiber, for the Egyptians it was a sign of homage.

Rare and difficult to produce, owning clothes and artifacts made with this precious fabric was a sign of wealth and power.

Timeless sophistication and elegance!

With improved production techniques and the spread of social prosperity, linen is still coveted today and considered classy and luxurious!

Did you know that today, over half of the world’s flax production is concentrated in Europe? Linen threads produced in France, Belgium, and Holland are considered the best in the world and boast the Master of Linen quality mark!

What is linen?

Linen is a natural fiber obtained from a small plant (Linum Usitatissimum) with tiny flowers ranging from white to intense blue that bloom for just one day. In the textile industry, the production of this fabric is among the most sustainable: it has an extremely low environmental impact, and all parts of the plant are processed.

Linen plant

Types of linen

Depending on the fineness of the fibers, there are 3 different types of yarn:

  • fine linens: with fine and delicate threads, used for lace and embroidery;
  • medium linens: less fine but very resistant. They are the most suitable for making clothes, towels, and bed linen;
  • thick linens: fabrics with a very resistant and coarse fiber, used to produce ordinary cloths.

What are the features of linen? Let’s find out together!

Its many qualities make linen particularly suitable for the outer covers of our mattresses. Here’s why!

  • It is hypoallergenic and delicate on the skin.
  • The high degree of transpiration allows the absorption of moisture. Also, it is pleasantly comfy and cool on the skin.
  • It is highly resistant to use and repeated washing.
  • It is a thermoregulating material, which means it’s cool and breathable during the summer season and gives warmth on cold winter days.

The innovative 3D linen for a cool and dry sleep

The comfort offered by this natural fiber can guarantee a better quality of sleep. It is why we developed the exclusive 3D Linen fabric, soft to the touch, fresh, and cool for our Balance De Luxe mattress, Space Fabric mattress cover, and our new Comfort topper!

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