Technology & Sleep: What Should You Avoid For a Better Sleep?

The technology has become more and more present in our life, but the technological gadget as smartphones, tablets and laptops, that allow our life be more efficient during the day, have also a downside.

Technology & Sleep. Here What You Should Avoid For a Better Sleep.

Find it out reading this article!

Do you have difficulty to fall asleep? Try to remove the technology!

Technology Before Go To Bed = Deprivation Of Sleep

A poll conducted by Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology reported that using mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, video games before go to sleep, leads to a deprivation sleep.

Screen Light, Melatonin Suppression and Sleep Troubles…

When a person is exposed to a continuous light exposure, happen the melatonin suppression, an hormone that “tells to our brain” that’s time to sleep!

This phenomenon appears especially with smartphones that are used to play when you’re in bed at night, as confirmed by the German organization DFKI research.

Besides, it would seem that the screen light when you use a technological gadget may affect the heart rhythm and the sleep-wake cycle.

How to Have a Less Technological Sleep?

In addition to choose the right mattress combined to a pillow and a bed-base, our tips are:

  • Remove the TV from the bedroom.
  • Switch off the night-lamp to favor the dark in your room.
  • Do not use the smartphone to surf Facebook or to play before go to sleep.
  • Do not read (not even books!) before going to sleep. You teach your body that the bedroom is the place where sleeping.
  • Don’t allow your children (if you have them) to play with video games, smartphones, tablets or everything that can distract them from the sleep when they go to bed.
  • Find out the mattress dealer nearest to you and put yourself in the best condition to have a regenerating sleep!

Following these tips you’ll certainly have a less technological but more regenerating and restful sleep.

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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