Back Pain? It Will Only Remain a Nightmare!

For many years orthopedist recommended for those suffering back pains to sleep on mattresses hard as boards, but they were never supported by any scientific test.

Back Pain? It Will Only Remain a Nightmare!

A clinical research, carried out in Spain, has demolished the once and for all this old and dangerous theory, that considers a hard mattress an orthopedic mattress. This research has been shown that the ideal mattress against back pains is the one with medium stiffness, better if it’s a “body-adaptable mattress”.

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The Research on Orthopedic Mattress

The research involved 313 persons suffering of chronic pack pains, not referable to typical causes or other diseases, who have slept on different kind of mattresses without knowing the typology of the assigned mattress.

The people who slept in medium-stiff mattress said that they feel better than people who slept in the hard mattresses.

The Chiropractic’s Advice!

Even the chiropractic advice against too hard mattress: a softer kind is far better because it fits more easily to the natural curvatures of the spinal column and allows a uniform distribution of the weights taking into account the different body’s areas.

The Solution: Aquatech Mattresses

To meet these needs Manifattura Falomo offers the orthopedic Aquatech Mattresses of Kuschelmed line, an international patent, that thanks to the peculiarity form and different carrying capacity, allows the pressure distribution in the critical body’s areas improving the overall support. Furthermore, these mattresses can be deduct as medical cost as part of Class one medical devices, in accordance with the European required standard.

Don’t Forget!

You spend one third of your life on the mattress, and so in the choice of the right mattress you must be careful and prudent, ask our expert!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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