Mattresses and The Invisible Enemies of Sleep...

To fight the sleep disorder, you must first identify the cause, because to fight an enemy and defeat him, you should know it!

Mattresses and The Invisible Enemies of Sleep...

You should start with the bedroom! Have you ever wondered what basis has the theory that suggests to move the bed and so the mattress in a specific position to have a better sleep? Have you ever wondered how the underground water currents and the magnetic fields can influence our sleep?

The simple, surprising answer is…

Do You Sleep Whit the Mattress Faces North-South?

Concerning this, the modern bioarchitecture suggest to direct the mattress to North-South position, placing the pillow on the mattress-north-facing side: This measure seems to get the extension of the REM phase of 7%.

Mattress and Underground Water Currents…

It’s well know that the presence of an underground water flaps that flow under the area where is placed the bedroom, and so where is placed your mattress, can cause insomnia.

Magnetic Fields Next To the Mattress?

It has been proved that the terrestrial radiation have a certain influence on our body, not for the radiations in itself, but for their intensity and their possible negative concentration.

Mattress and Electromagnetic Waves.

In addition to the terrestrial magnetism, there are other kinds of magnetic fields next to the mattress where we sleep, which are formed due to facilities and appliances in or next our bedroom which may “load of tension” our body during the sleep. It’s recommended to keep the mattress away from electric wires and radio or TV.

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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