Mattresses Covers: Make the Right Choice!

In the last article we touched the possibility to choose your mattress covers between 4 different kinds. Today we want to talk about the covers produced by Manifattura Falomo and combined with an aquatech, memory or soya bio mattress.

Mattresses Covers: Do the Right Choice!

Do not miss this article and find out how to choose the best mattress cover for your needs and physical characteristics!

Make the Right Choice!

A quality bed system is essential to ensure you a regenerating sleep. A mattress, a bed base and a pillow that fits your physical characteristics can allow you to have a refreshing sleep.

Maybe you don’t know that the choice of your cover mattress is very important. The Manifattura Falomo’s mattress covers have a 4 sides zipper, so you can wash them in the washing machine at high temperatures. In this way you can always have a fresh and clean mattress, that is very important especially for people who suffer from mite allergy!

Manifattura Falomo gives you the possibility to choose between 4 different covers:

1) Bielastic and Medicott Covers

The elastic fibers lend an high comfort and a unique dimensional stability to this textile product.

Bielastic and Medicott Mattress Cover

Thanks to the fibers, you can wash the Bielastic with Medicott Plus Silver cover without compromising its length, original form, endurance, and durability. The padding is made of Solotex fiber.

2) Space Fabric Covers

Also this cover is breathable and machine washable. The Solotex padding allows a higher oxygenation, thanks to the air permeability properties.

Space Fabric Mattress Covers

In this way you can fight the mold and microorganisms growth, that are harmful for your health.

3) 4 Seasons Covers

This cover is the ideal solution for memory mattresses: the reversibility of the covers can allow you to create a winter and summer side.

4 Seasons Mattress Cover

The winter side has a wool padding and silk on the surface, while the summer side has a cotton padding and a Space Fabric surface.

4) Memory and Poly-Lyocell Covers

The Memory and Poly-Lyocell cover matchs your body. It’s cool and dry during the summer, while during the winter ensure you comfort and warmth; It’s made of Space Fabric (35% cotton and 65% polyester), and has a volumetric band with zipper for the washing machine up to 60°C.

Memory and Poly-Lyocell Mattress Covers

The Memory Soya side of this mattress cover is perfect for the winter, whereas the Poly-Lyocell side is better during the summer.

Test the Mattress Cover In Person!

We suggest you to try our mattress covers in person! Find out the Manifattura Falomo Retailer closest to you and choose the mattresses covers that best suits to your needs and characteristics!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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