Spring Mattresses Buyer’s Guide

Are you undecided whether to buy a springs mattress or a independent springs mattress? Do you want to understand better the difference?

Spring Mattresses Buyer’s Guide

As you know the springs mattresses can be divided into traditional springs mattresses or independent springs mattresses. In this article we’re going to analyze both, in order to give you a more accurate idea and help you figure out what kind of mattress between these two is the best for you! In this way, you will able to do a more informed choice.

Traditional spring mattresses (Bonnell System)

The core of the mattress is made by springs that provide elasticity and solidity. These are considered the traditional springs mattresses and they have a uniform internal structure. The springs are equal on the entire surface, more precisely they are made of the same steal wire for all the support points.

Spring Mattresses Buyer’s Guide

How can we recognize a quality spring mattress?

A quality spring mattress is characterized by a high numbers of springs. A greater number of springs means more support points, and also less stress for the springs during the life of the product. Furthermore a quality springs mattress has a high density foam edge.

The benefits of an edge in high density foam

Our long experience in the production of springs mattresses leads us to affirm that a quality springs mattress must have an edge in high density foam that supports properly our body weight if we sit on the edge of the mattress (e.g. waking up in the morning) and at the same time gives firmness to the mattress.

This perimeter structure helps to contain our body during nocturnal movements when we protrude to the edge of the mattress.

The felt layer: stability and strength

A quality springs mattress has inside, on the whole surface above the springs, a felt layer which harmonize the springing and give stability and strength to the mattress. You can find it with different thicknesses according to the mattress type and it is an element that determines the degree of rigidity of the mattress.

One more element you have to considered is the foam layer, that just below the coating, determines the smoothness of the mattress.

The thickness, the density and the bearing capacity of this layer, placed close to our body, has a fundamental role on the ergonomic properties of the mattress.

Pocketed and independent spring mattresses

The traditional springs mattresses (Bonnel System) provide a good adaptation to the body. However the support is constant among the whole surface. The “pocket and independent” springs allow a different support of the body weight, working in a different way one from each other.

Spring Mattresses Buyer’s Guide

It’s all a matter of strength…

If all the springs have the same support strength, the support will be constant. This kind of springs can not give you a differentiated support (suitable for the different areas of your body), that your body needs. Only the solicited springs work to support and to adapt themselves to your body.

Mattresses with micro independent springs and progressive load-bearing zones

Recently mattresses with progressive load-bearing springs have been introduced on the market. They represent the evolution of spring mattresses. The progressive load-bearing is an exclusive double layer of independent and pocket springs.

The first spring layer adapts to your body, the second one supports

The first layer, 4 cm, has the function to adapt itself to the body, the second one, smaller and harder, gives support to the mattress.

Do these mattresses react to our body temperature?

Generally the spring mattresses don’t adapt themselves depending on our body temperature, unless they have a topper in memory foam or have an internal structure with memory foam layers, a material that shapes and adapts itself to our body warmth.

In the store: test the silence of the mattress!

If you’re going to test in the store a springs mattress, we suggest you to evaluate also its silentness. A quality mattress is silent and doesn’t disturb you during the night!

At home: mattress maintenance tips

For a uniform wear of the mattress, we recommend you to rotate and turn foot-head the mattress periodically. If the mattress has a washable cover, it’s a good practice wash it periodically at high temperature (90°C) to prevent the proliferation of dust mites.

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