Mattresses With Micro Springs: 4 Things You Need to Know.

What are and which advantages gives you sleeping on a mattress with micro springs?

Mattresses With Micro Springs: 4 Things You Need to Know.

Find out now reading this article, where we’ll answer the most frequently questions about mattresses with micro springs and we’ll outline their differences with classic springs mattresses.

Don’t miss this article, especially if you are going to buy a brand new springs or independent springs mattress!

1) What is the purpose of the micro springs in a mattress?

The number of the springs determines the points of micro-adaptation of the mattress.

It’s all a matter of points of contact between the mattress and our body: more springs means more points of contacts and so a better mattress support.

2) Are the mattresses with micro springs more expensive?

The reduction of the springs size increases the number needed to cover the same area and, this greater number, determines an increase of the price compared to a classic spring mattress. Furthermore, to determine the increase of price there’s also an additional manufacturing processing: a greater number of pocket springs and so a greater number of production cycle of “bagging of the springs”.

3) Which Bed-Bases match with a micro springs mattress?

Because the greater number of the springs, this kind of mattress fits very well with a slatted bed-base.

For example: If during the night, while you’re sleeping, you push with your elbow or your finger on the mattress, only one of the small springs will react to that pressure which you’re making on the mattress, allowing a more precise and comfortable fit to the weight of your body.

4) Are washable the mattresses with micro springs?

The Manifattura Falomo’s mattress with micro springs are on the market with different coatings, including one removable and machine-washable at high temperature, a very important feature for our costumer.

Our advice on mattresses with micro springs

Our advice is always to test by person in the store the mattress for yourself: Also other elements such as felt and the pads next to the springs are very important, determining the stiffness and the behavior of the mattress and so it’s right to try different kinds of them before the purchase.

Test your mattress with micro springs today, find out now the mattresses store closest to you!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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