Memory Foam Mattress: The Answers By The Expert!

If you can’t sleep well on your mattress and you’re thinking of changing it, the ideal solution might be a memory foam mattress.

 Memory Foam Mattress: The Answers By The Expert!

Some people seem reluctant to move from a traditional mattress, as it may be a spring mattress, to one made of innovative materials like memory foam (viscoelastic foam).

We recommend you to read this article, where we will dispel the 3 most common myths associated with memory foam mattress: Do not miss them, buy your next mattress with more awareness and sleep more peaceful and healthy sleeps!

1) The Memory Foam Mattress May Be Too Warm?

In fact, memory foam mattress have the ability to adapt to body heat, allowing it to recreate an ideal bed temperature. Just wait about 20-30 minutes and the memory foam will fit our temperature, so as to accommodate our body perfectly. These mattresses are ideal for the winter, in fact, many successful models are made with a winter side in memory foam and a summer side with less enveloping materials.

2) The Memory Foam Mattress Help the Appearance of Mites?

Absolutely not. Indeed, it’s the opposite. In fact, the layered memory foam composition prevents mites thrive! In addition, these mattresses are treated with specific anti-allergic products, which discourage the proliferation of the mites permanently and providing relief to those suffering from allergies and asthma.

3) All Memory Foam Mattresses are the same?

Also in this case we have disagree! In fact, the memory foam can vary a lot in terms of quality and longevity. The Manifattura Falomo Mattress are made of high-quality foam that has a high load factor and excellent consistency: These factors contribute to its high quality!

Mattress with lower density foam, in fact, will tend to curl and to deteriorate in a short time.

Our Advice about Memory Foam Mattress

We hope to have provided you a clear idea about this kind of mattress and gave you information to tackle with greater awareness the purchase of your next mattress.

Find out now the Manifattura Falomo dealer closest to you and test the memory foam mattresses in person, combining them with a memory foam pillow!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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