Reboot Your Brain: The “Caffeine Nap”!

Don’t you have enough sleep last night? Have a nap at noon, after a cup of coffee. Yes, that’s right, after a coffee.

Reboot Your Brain: The “Caffeine Nap”!

It seems demonstrated by recent research carried out at Loughborough University in the Uk, the fact that an effective and refreshing nap depends on 2 things.

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1) The Duration Of the Nap Should Be 15 minutes

The “coffee nap” is simple: drink a cup of coffee and immediately take a nap of 15 minutes. According to the experiment, the duration of the nap should be about 15 minutes as is the time required to caffeine to take effect.

2) Caffein Consumption

A cup of coffee would seem enough to help “to clean up” the brain from the adenosine, a compound that induces sleep, while the caffeine takes about 15-20 minutes to take effect.

In tests, the combination of a cup of coffee with a nap immediately after, would provide capacity of attention for the longest period of time.

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