How Safe is You Mattress From Sagging? Find Out Now!

The mattress must sag. Contrary to what you can imagine, not every sagging is a defect in your mattress, especially if the mattress has been designed to “sag in the right places”, more precisely, to “bend and adapt to your body” in the right places.

How Safe is You Mattress From Sagging? Find Out Now!

Continue reading this article and find out where your mattress should sag, and where otherwise should support you more!

The Mattress Must “Sag” in the Shoulder Area

If your mattress sags in the shoulder area, you can feel more comfortable: A good mattress is designed to better accommodate the shoulder area and so to sag more in there, especially when you sleep on the side.

The Mattress Must “Sag” in the Area of Basin

The pelvis area on your mattress must sag less than the shoulder area, but more than the kidney area.

The pelvis area must be properly supported, especially in the lumbar area, in order to avoid back pain upon awaking.

It’s necessary that your mattress “sags less in the pelvis area” than the shoulder area, because the greater weight of the pelvis area needs more support to sustain the natural curvature of the lumbar region.

The Mattress Must “Sag” on the Surface

To help the correct blood and lymph circulation, it’s important to reduce the pressure points between our body and the mattress.

For this reason, in addition to the correct areas of the mattress designed with progressive load-bearing, it’s very important that the mattress surface has a high degree of softness.

The Mattress Must Not “Sag” on the Sides

The springs mattresses or the independent springs mattress are designed paying particular attention to the side band, see image below.

Mattress side band

Along the side band should be a layer made of high density material in order to guarantee an uniform support also to the mattress sides. This side band helps to keep the body movements during the night, and sustains us when we sit along the mattresses sides, a common situation that happens every morning upon awaking and when we lay down at night.

Moreover, a good practice for when you are buying a brand new mattress, is to check if there are, along the side band, appropriate handles to facilitate the rotation of the mattress.

Your Mattress Sags In the Right Places?

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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