Sbadiglio: a great classic among pocket spring mattresses

Yawning is an involuntary process often triggered by hunger, boredom, or sleep.

Sbadiglio: a great classic among pocket spring mattresses

But what does yawning do? There are still many theories, yet one thing we know for sure!

Sbadiglio is the Italian for yawn. Our Sbadiglio mattress was first presented in the 1960s and has had great success over the years among “Healthy Sleep” enthusiasts. So much so that it has returned in a new look!

Pocket springs: steady and ergonomically perfect

Sbadiglio is a mattress meant for those who love the support offered by traditional spring mattresses but do not want to give up innovative solutions.

Catalog 60 Sbadiglio

Initially made with a Bonnel Spring System, the new Sbadiglio mattress now has a pocket spring core.

Pocket springs

Independent springs, also called pocket springs, are ever more appreciated because they react differently and adequately to any kind of stress exerted on the mattress surface. In fact, they accommodate body weight in a differentiated way to offer anatomical and elastic support.

Technical features

In addition, Sbadiglio has 7 load-bearing zones with different stiffness that ensure proper support. A top layer in Soy Memory Touch further enhances comfort. This particular material relieves pressure points and avoids any compression to the spine.

Outer cover: aesthetics also play a decisive role

The outer cover completes the amazing welcoming feeling thanks to the high-quality handmade quilting that enhances the breathable and hypoallergenic wool and cotton padding. The all-around band comes in a new solid color version with handles along the sides to allow easy rotation of the mattress.

Yawn and... sleep on a brand new mattress!

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