Sleep and athletic performance: discover the secrets!

Sleep is an influential factor that can determine sports performance. A good night’s rest can maximize results, reducing injuries and not only.

Sleep and athletic performance: discover the secrets!

Let’s say that sleep is undoubtedly a fundamental part of any training program!

Here’s how sleep improves performance!

Every athlete focuses on factors that affect performance: sticking to a healthy and balanced diet, carefully choosing technical clothing, and scrupulously managing the time for training and recovery.

And a significant part of recovery is given by the time dedicated to sleep, which becomes a real passive training, representing an irreplaceable energy source for our system.

According to research published in 1983 in the book “Effects of partial sleep loss on subjective state, psychomotor and physical performance tests”, only one night of restrictive sleep affects our psychomotor skills and functions, reducing athletic performance.

How many hours of sleep does an athlete need?

According to the US agency Gallup poll, an adult sleeps from 6.8 to 7.4 hours a night. In comparison, an athlete sleeps from 7.5 to 9.3 hours a night. But what affects sports performance is not so much the duration of sleep, but its quality!

Professor Mark Rosekind, one of the world’s leading experts on sleep-related issues, a collaborator of NASA and the American Olympic National team, reports that a few simple strategies can optimize sleep quality.

The soothing bedtime routine for sportspeople

Here are some healthy habits that can help us improve sleep:

Manifattura Falomo products designed for athletes

Resting well means improving the ability to recover. From the collaboration with sports doctors of Udinese Calcio, with the Italian women’s volleyball club Scandicci Savino del Bene®, and the Belgian men’s cycling team Deceuninck-Quick Step, we created 2 products that enhance sleep quality in athletes and non-athletes!

Innergetic Deceuninck Quick-Step


Innergetic® Hypoallergenic: the mattress for athletes.

With its core made of Innergetic® latex and a unique Bielastic Med 95° outer cover, our mattress optimally supports the spine, shoulders, and pelvis and promotes full recovery.

Innergetic Hypoallergenic

We met the Belgian cycling team Deceuninck Quick-Step, to understand how important it is for them to sleep on our Innergetic® Hypoallergenic mattresses!

Topper Sport: for great sleep, wherever you go!

Our Topper Sport is extremely handy to ensure adequate sleep even when athletes are away from home. This special 6 cm mat extends over the mattress to optimize its support function.

Topper Sport

What are you waiting for? Choose to sleep like a champion too!

That’s right! You don’t need to be an athlete to indulge in a restful night’s sleep. Don’t wait to discover the bed system that best satisfies your physical features!

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