Sleep Attacks? Here 8 Curiosities…

Sleeping is extremely important, but almost no one does it at the right time. Recent studies have shown that the sleep attacks during the day can have serious implications.

Sleep Attacks? Here 8 Curiosities...

Here below 8 curiosities about the lack of sleep, that surely you didn’t know!

1) A New Distraction?

Do you know which is one of the insomnia causes in recent years? Yes, the presence of smartphone, tablet and the 24h internet usability!

2) Be Careful With the Caffeine

About one third of people who take at least 4 drinks containing caffeine during the day, are likely to suffer from sleep apnea, a nasty disease that interrupts the breathing during the sleep, briefly or repeatedly, making us wake up in the middle of the night!

3) Check Your Weight!

The less you sleep, the more our genes determine our body weight. A regular and healthy sleep allows us to keep under control our body weight. Moreover, the lack of sleep increases by about 25% the feeling of hunger! Do you want to know how sleeping can help us to better control our weight? Do not miss this article on our blog: Lose Weight While You Sleep? Here are 5 Secrets to Lose Weight in Your Sleep!

4) Dangerous Driving!

According to a recent research, more than half of men have the chance to drive in a state of somnolence compared to 40% of women, who in turn have half of the chances to fall asleep during the driving respect the men drivers! In a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, about 4.5% of people admitted to falling asleep when driving at least once in the previous month!

5) Extending the Life!

Scientific studies have shown that sleeping too much (more than 8 hours) or too little (less than 7 hours) per night can have serious effects on the average lifespan of a person! Remember, the perfect time is between 7 and 8 hours a night!

6) Learning more

Sleeping immediately after learning something, improves our ability to memorize it better! Perhaps is that the reason why about 25% of children admitted to falling asleep in class at least once a week?

7) History Teaches!

The 1888 Exxon Valdez disaster off the Alaska coast, the the tragic Challenge Shuffle accident and even the Chernobyl disaster are all tragedies attributed to human error, where the sleep deprivation has played an important role!

8) Less Sleep… Less Sex?

Scientific studies have shown that the sleep deprivation is related to the lowering of libido in both men and women.

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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