Don’t “Forget” to Sleep to Learn and Speak Better.

The lack of a regular sleep leads to memory disorders, in particular concentration disorders and reduction of the ability to solve mathematical problems.

Don’t “Forget” to Sleep to Learn and Speak Better.

This issue is mainly felt among the students who are learning new concepts every day.

But how can you improve your memory while you sleep?

Find out now by reading this article!

Give Regular Basis to Our “Internal Clock”

Today many students tend to have not a regular sleep because they don’t go to sleep always at the same time and spend several hours with their smartphone before fall asleep.

The situation just outlined by recent research favors the development of 2 major problems:

  1. The intermittent light of the mobile display, inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone that “tells” the body that is time to sleep.
  2. If we don’t fall asleep always at the same time, the circadian rhythm, that governs our “internal clock”, is compromised and this leads to rebalancing periods that affect the quality of our sleep.

The REM-Phase is What Counts For The Memory

But which benefits the sleep brings to the student?

It is know that the nightly learning process take place mainly at night during REM Phase (Rapid Eye Movement = Rapid Eye Movement) when you consolidate the connections between the new informations learned during the day.

Sleep so deep it’s indispensable to facilitate REM phase and therefore improve learning during the sleep.

More Sleep = Better Talk

When the brain areas “associated with the word” are burdened because of sleep deprivation, also the quality of your speech is affected. Your brain has difficulty remembering complex words when its deprived by sleep. We tend to repeat simple sentences several times.

Your speech may be more troublesome for the interlocutor because:

  • We tend to use the same words several times.
  • We tend to use the same tone of voice.
  • We tend to speak more slowly!

Do you think is worth to pay attention to have better sleep?

A Quality Mattress, Ideal For Student.

An inappropriate mattress for your physiological characteristics, as well as creating posture problems by night, can compromise your sleep with all the consequences you have “learned” (unless you were already aware!) in this article.

Find out how to improve your memory, find the mattress dealer closest to you!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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