What Does Your Sleep Position Say About You?

Are you stubborn? Are you always looking for new stimulus? Or are you insecure? Probably you’ve already read somewhere that seems to be a relationship between the position which we prefer to sleep and our way to deal with life!

What Does Your Sleep Position Say About You?

All the tests and researches carried out about this, are based on the idea that, while during the day we can control and manage our attitudes, when we are sleeping, we can’t prevent that our deeper personalities aspects come out.

Which of these position you assume during the sleep? Find out now what “says about you” the position in which you sleep during the night!

Fetal Position

Sleep Fetal Position

The fetal position is the most common position in the world, more or less the 50% of people subconsciously prefer it. It’s linked to the womb nostalgia. If it’s also your favorite position, maybe you are a little bit vulnerable, a seemingly hard character but that hides a strong sensitivity.

Yarner Position

Sleep Yarner Position

The yarner position is the position of a balanced personality, always looking for new stimulus and opportunities, maybe just a little bit “hard on yourself”!

The Log Position

Sleep Log Position

If you find yourself in the log position with legs and arms outstretched at your sides, you should have an outgoing personality, tending to be stubborn. But be careful! Maybe you trust people too easily!

Freefaller Position

Sleep Freefaller Position

Do you like freefaller position, with arms up that embrace the pillow? Then probably you are a spontaneous person, but you also hide a little bit of fragility and you’re easily taken by anxiety and stress.

Soldier Position

Sleep Soldier Position

Usually is typical of a very poised personality, almost stiff, which hardly abandon yourself to the emotions. However, this kind of person has great self-esteem and always pretends a lot from himself and from others.

Starfish Position

Sleep Starfish Position

Do you like sleeping on your back, arms and legs that tend to invade the whole bed? Probably you are a very outgoing person, capable of deep feelings and always ready to listen other people, but you don’t like to be at the center of attention!

Have You Found Your Position?

Each of us prefer to sleep in one or more positions during the night, and we can’t be sure that those affect or not our day.

However, you can be certain that, sleeping on a high quality mattress, pillow and bed base, is the best solution ti sleep well and face your day brilliant!

What are you waiting for? Find out now the mattress retailer closest to you and start from tonight to have a more relaxing and regenerating sleep, whatever position you sleep!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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