Sleep happy and get rid of stress: 3 simple yoga exercises!

We know that exercise helps our body and our mind. However we must also keep in mind that we should not make intense physical activity in the evening, just before going to sleep.

Sometimes, however, after a long workday, you want to get rid of the tensions accumulated during the day.

Sleep Happy & Get Rid of Your Stress: 3 Simple Yoga Exercises!

Here are 3 simple exercises inspired by the Yoga discipline. Try them on bed just before going to sleep, they will help you to ease the tension and then sleeping better!

Start relaxing!

Get ready to go to sleep, and once you wore pajama, sit on the bed, cross your legs, close your eyes, relax your arms and shoulders, and get rid of the stress of the day!

Yoga exercise 1: Marichyàsana

Yoga: marichyasana position to sleep better.

From a seated position, bring your left knee toward your chest (the entire sole of the foot must adhere to the ground while the left arm is stretched to help you keep your torso upright), extend the right leg, inhale deeply, and as you exhale turn your torso to the left. Take 5 deep breaths and repeat the exercise on the other side.

Yoga exercise 2: Paschimottasana

Yoga: paschimottasana position to sleep better.

Now you are lying completely; legs stretched together and arms at your sides. Bring your arms up above your head, sliding on the mattress. From here, raise your torso up as to sit down. Now bend forward as much as possible, trying to get your hands on the toes.

Yoga exercise 3: Balasana

Yoga: balasana position to sleep better.

Now you’re kneeling holding the thighs slightly apart. Closer than you can, your chest to thighs. Bring your arms along the body and let your face fall on the bed. Breath regularly and stay in position for at least 45 seconds.

Back in the sitting position, legs crossed, and take 10 deep breaths!

And now… time to sleep! As a “starfish”?

Yoga: Sleep in savasana position also known as starfish position.

Do you feel more relaxed? Don’t wait any longer and slip under the covers!

You might not know, but probably if you are one of those who likes to sleep “starfish” you’re already asleep doing Yoga, yes, even sleeping in a “starfish” way is a basic Yoga relaxation position called Savasana.

Our best tip to fight away stress and sleep better

To gain the most from Yoga exercises and have a true good night’s sleep, what’s also important is the choice of a quality bed system.

What are you waiting for? Find the closet mattress retailer and start practicing these exercises on a quality mattress, pillow and bed base, that suit your needs!

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