Sleeping Away From Home: 2 Tips For a Perfect Sleep!

Recent research about sleep showed that many of us, even if housed in the rooms of  prestigious hotels with 5 stars, can’t sleep as well as if they were in their bed at home. The same can happen in the summer house.

Sleeping Away From Home: 2 Tips For a Perfect Sleep!

If you are one of these people who can’t sleep well away from home, don’t miss these 2 simple tips to sleep better anywhere you go!

1) Make the Bedroom Similar to That of Home

Try to make your bedroom in which you stay as similar as possible to the room of your home, for example bring with you your pillow (do you know travel pillows?) and the objects that are always in plain sight in your bedroom, like a pair of frames, your alarm clock, or a copy of the local newspaper.

2) Keep Your Pre-Sleep Rituals, Even If Away From Home!

Try to do the same things you do every night at home before going to sleep, such as:

  • If you drink an herbal tea before going to sleep, drink it even if you’re away from home;
  • If you were reading a book, bring it with you and read a few pages before going to sleep (not too much! Our advice is to avoid reading before going to sleep!);
  • If you usually take a shower before bedtime to relax and facilitate your sleep, take it even if you’re away from home.

Continue giving your body the usual signal that is accustomed like when you are at home, even if you’re thousands miles away!

And If You Sleep Better Away From Home?

However, if you sleep better away from home, try to understand why.

Is there a better bed? A better pillow? The reclining bed-base allows you to find a right angle? Is there more silence in the bedroom? Aren’t there any pets and therefore you don’t suffer from allergy attacks?

Most often, the cause of a better sleep away from home is the high quality mattress provided by many hotels. In this case, upon return from trip, don’t wait: look for the mattress retailer closest to you!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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