Soft mattress: how do I know if it’s the right choice for me?

The mattress market offers many options, and we often feel confused when deciding which kind suits us.

Soft mattress: how do I know if it’s the right choice for me?

But a question we often ask ourselves is: how soft should my mattress be? Read on and find out!

Choosing the best mattress is essential to promote quality sleep. Many personal and physiological factors can affect our choice, but it can be much easier with the right advice!

Soft mattress: who is it suitable for?

Mattress stiffness depends a lot on the physical characteristics and rest needs each of us has.

A soft and cozy mattress is recommended for people with a slim build and low body weight and do not have special needs in terms of back support.

However, this doesn’t mean the mattress will not provide correct lumbar posture: the core’s different zones provide high-performance, anatomical support for the entire body.

Materials such as memory foam, latex, and other state-of-the-art foams are perfect for those who want a soft mattress, as they reduce compression at contact points and promote position shifts during sleep.

How to tell if a mattress is too soft?

A mattress that is too soft for one’s needs fails the so-called “hand test”.

Hand test

But what is the hand test?

It is a quick and simple way to assess the stiffness of the mattress: lie on your back and slip your hand under the lumbar area. If your hand struggles to fit, it means the mattress is too soft. While if your hand passes smoothly, the mattress is too firm.

A mattress that is too soft or firm will not allow the spine to maintain its natural curve. As a result, muscle tension and strain will occur over time, creating discomfort and back pain.

Through the “hand test,” we can easily tell when our back keeps its natural curve and whether the mattress properly accommodates it.

Measuring stiffness: the different levels

A significant indication that helps us when choosing a mattress is the core’s stiffness degree.

The stiffness of mattresses is graded according to a stiffness scale that generally ranges from 1 to 5:

  • H1 stiffness: low stiffness, soft support, suitable for low body weight.
  • H2 stiffness: medium-low stiffness, medium support, plush but structured coziness. Recommended for side sleepers.
  • H3 stiffness: medium-high stiffness, firm support for a well-structured mattress. Recommended for back sleepers.
  • H4 stiffness: very stiff support for a very firm mattress. Recommended for those who weigh over 100 kg.

Some mattresses like Kuschelmed and Kuschelmed De Luxe have customizable stiffness from level H1 to H3. This way, you can choose the highest level of comfort to meet your needs!

Mattress topper: extra layer, extra comfort!

If your mattress feels too firm, a topper can add that extra layer of softness you’re looking for.

Mattress topper - Manifattura Falomo

These soft mattress toppers, available in many sizes and thicknesses, maximize comfort and correct the firmness of the mattress underneath to match your preferences.

Contact us and find the closest retailer: discover our single or double-size mattress that meets your needs. You’ll also find pillows, toppers, and accessories handcrafted in Italy and designed to enhance your rest.

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