Daily stretching and its many benefits

Everyone knows that annoying feeling of muscle soreness caused by long hours spent in incorrect positions.

Daily stretching and its many benefits

Stretching is actually good for everyone and not only for athletes. In fact, physical exercises offer our body an incredible feeling of lightness, allowing us to keep our agility.

Stretching is such an essential discipline that each of us should make it a daily habit. Here’s why:

  • In addition to increasing muscle and joint mobility, stretching exercises help prevent muscle contracturesweakening of the muscles, and impairment.
  • Stretching exercises lower blood pressure, promoting better blood circulation and relaxation.
  • Like any other physical activity, stretching fosters the release of endorphins, also known as the “feel-good” hormones as they improve our mood.

When is the ideal time for stretching?

If you just can’t find the time to join a yoga or pilates class, don’t worry! You can easily dedicate yourself 10 minutes a day directly from the comfort of your own home. But when?

Pick out a moment during the day when you don’t have to worry about time rushing or being late for your next appointment. Also, remember that it’s important not to stretch with cold muscles. Therefore we suggest choosing mornings right after an energizing shower or evenings after a nice hot bath that relieves physical fatigue.

The 3 tips for stretching correctly

1. There’s no need to over-strain stretching positions. They will improve over time in a totally natural way with ongoing practice.

2. For effective stretching, it’s not necessary to hold positions for more than 30 seconds as a longer time could overload muscles and ligaments.

3. Regulate your breathing, and in particular, exhale slowly. Proper breathing will help you perform exercises correctly, facilitating stretching and loosening muscles.

Body Trainer: the mattress that promotes natural stretching

With our Body Trainer mattress, your physical well-being continues even during sleep! Its innovative design has been studied in detail in our Healthy Sleep® laboratories.

Body Trainer mattress Manifattura Falomo

We focused our attention on the choice of materials and the internal structure. The foamed materials used decompress any pressure exerted by our body and ensure an ideal temperature during resting hours.

Furthermore, the core’s innovative structure made of opposing rolls welcomes the spine and favors its natural extension.

Body Trainer opposing rolls

All you need to do now is discover our innovative Body Trainer mattress’s further details and choose it as your personal ally for well-being!

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