How do Not Wake Up Groggy in the Morning? 4 simple Tips!

Oh no! Is it really that hour! Nothing is more cruel than a jarring alarm clock, that shows you the beginning of the work’s day.

How do Not Wake Up Groggy in the Morning? 4 simple Tips!

How can you wake up with more energy? Find out these 4 simple tips, read this article, and start by tomorrow morning to wake up more active and in good spirits!

1) Go to Sleep & Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday.

Yes, what you’ve always heard is true, especially because “sleeping”, as every other bodily function, has a circadian rhythm (what? figure out about circadian rhythm on wikipedia) which controls your biological “clock”.

As well as going to bed and wake up at the same time, try to eliminate every light sources in your bedroom, like lamps, TVs, video games, smartphones, tablets... because sleeping in dark room is more natural for your body.

2) Wake Up Gently: This is Why the Alarm Sound is Fundamental!

Waking up with a too high-volume alarm signal is for sure an unwise choice: try to set up a gently ring tone, with a gradually increasing volume, such as a Zen ring tone, that will surely helps you avoid to wake up suddenly!

If you can, set your alarm clock 30 minutes before getting up from bed, so you can wake up in a gradual manner, and think about the things you have to do in the day ahead.

3) Re-hydrate Your Body! Just Waked Up!

Your body needs to re-hydrate, after a night without fluids and after sweat. Drinking a glass of water in the morning is an age-old way to add peristaltic action to your colon, that means, to favor the natural muscular movement of the colon.

Upon awaking, drink a glass of water to naturally revitalize your organism!

4) When You Wake Up, Focus on the Positive!

Our thoughts create our experiences: If you wake up tired at the sound of a jangling alarm clock, how can you hope to have a good day? After changing the alarm clock tone and drinking a glass of water, focus you mind in positive thoughts.

For example, start your day with thankfulness, think that you’re alive and so use those positive thoughts to create a happy and productive day. This exercise helps you to create energy for your day ahead!

However, if you aren’t able to wake up because you don’t sleep well during the night…

Among the causes of a bad sleep there’s a bad mattress. Fortunately you can resolve this problem now! Find out the right mattress, go to a specialized mattress retailer!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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