Do You Wake Up Tired? Here is the Experiment to Sleep Better!

Do you ever wake up in the morning with the feeling of being already tired? In this case you have to understand what’s wrong in your sleep, which should be able to provide you the necessary power to tackle the day.

Do you wake up tired? Here is the experiment to sleep better!

If you enjoy good health, and there’s not reason to believe that your fatigue is due to other factors than those derived from a wrong way of sleeping, do not miss this article and find out how to improve your sleep tonight!

Start the experiment!

The experiment that we propose here, it was designed by a famous researcher of the  Kaplan University. The time necessary to find your regular sleep cycle, which will allow you to be more “awake” in the morning, is just one week. Here’ s how:

Step 1: Switch off the alarm clock!

To start the experiment you need a couple of days without commitments early in the morning, for example during the weekend. The evening before starting, you should go to sleep at a reasonable time, that allows you to sleep about 6/8 hours. As soon as you wake up (without the help of your alarm clock), do not stay in bed, get up immediately, and start your daily routine.

The evening, go to bed at the same time, without the alarm clock. Again. If you wake up next morning (without the alarm clock) after 6/8 hours, you have found your sleep cycle!

Step 2: Switch On the Alarm Clock!

Now you can set the alarm according to the time obtained after the first step. Do not use the “snooze” function to postpone few minutes the alarm, because our body may mistakenly understand that even if the alarm clock sounds, you don’t need to wake up, and then, it still feel tired.

Step 3: Do Not Change Your Habit!

Now your sleep cycle has been set. Try to go to bed at the same time, probably in a short time you will not need the alarm clock and your body will know by itself when it’s time to wake up!

And if your body want to wake up, it means that you have sleep sufficiently and you are powerful to start your day!

Our Tip For a More Regular Sleep

To wake up refreshed you must have a quality sleep, and to have a quality sleep you need a correct bed system.

Your bed system is the most important factor to have a restful sleep, so you have to choose an high quality mattress, pillow and bed base, that fit your physical characteristics.

What are you waiting for? Find out now the mattress retailer closest to you and start tonight your experiment to sleep better!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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