Warning: here’s when you should practice physical activity to sleep better

arrie“Mens sana in corpore sano” ancients said. This famous idiomatic expression is used to mean how good is to do physical activity as fitness training or physical exercise.

Warning: here’s when you should practice physical activity to sleep better

In this article, we want to reveal more and let you know how a good physical activity carried out at the right time of the day can help you to sleep better.

If you want to know the best time to exercise and help your sleep, read this article and start from this evening to sleep better and more deeply.

Exercise & sleep: a complicated relationship

Exercise and sleep have a complicated relationship. You have to be careful to not ruin your rest keeping on mind 3 simple things when you want to do physical activity to facilitate your rest.

1. The temperature decreases when we sleep

The temperature of our body tends to decrease while we are sleeping, as described in the article.

So the temperature drop seems to be the signal that our body needs to sleep.

2. With physical activity the temperature increases

If we use to do 30 minutes of physical activity, our body increases its temperature keeping it higher than normal for 5-6 hours, and then bring it down to lower levels than we started to do exercises.

This temperature drop, after 5-6 hours that we have done exercises, is the best time to go to sleep, because it helps us to fall asleep and to have a regenerating rest.

3. The best time to do physical activity & to help your rest

So, if you decide to do exercise 5-6 hours before to go to sleep, you certainly facilitate the phase of falling asleep, because you’ll try to fall asleep when the temperature of your body is lowering.

Our advice

Avoid taking pills or medicines to fight chronic insomnia and try to do physical activity for a week at the right moment. It could be just that, combined with the ideal mattress for your body, to solve your sleep problems.

Like nutrition and sleep, the physical activity is an essential ingredient of a healthy lifestyle, so what are you waiting for? Carve out a little time to do a healthy physical exercise!

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