Is Christmas stress affecting your sleep? Here are 6 tips to treat yourself to sweet dreams!

The Christmas shopping, the festive menu, the decorations, the family visits and the last duties of the year to get done. What else?

Is Christmas stress affecting your sleep? Here are 6 tips to treat yourself to sweet dreams!

We wait for the holiday season to rest and take it easier and instead our rhythms, including our sleep-wake cycle, are “under attack”. Here are 6 tips to help you reduce stress during this hectic time of the year!

Every year we expect the holiday season to be joyful and peaceful, but instead, it turns out to be a source of stress with an overload of activities that give us no respite, not even at night.

Christmas anxiety and insomnia? Here are the reasons!

During the Christmas holidays, several factors challenge our mood and lead to sleepless nights accompanied by too many thoughts, irritability, lack of concentration, mental and physical fatigue, and headaches.

Christmas gift rush

The search for the perfect gift for friends and family becomes a source of stress, especially when (almost always!) we take care of it at the last minute. In addition, the fear of spending more than we can afford contributes to the discomfort that encourages us to delay shopping.

Is Christmas stress affecting your sleep? Here are 6 tips to treat yourself to sweet dreams!

Dining with the family

Performance stress can become significant, especially if we are the ones hosting family members and juggling the menu trying to create the “perfect” Christmas atmosphere.

Feelings of melancholy

Holidays unavoidably bring back memories. And while for some of us, memories are a more than good reason to keep traditions vivid, for others, they are cause for sadness.

Some extra weight…

An additional cause for concern and discomfort is the possibility of weight gain during the holidays. This risk is quite unavoidable with all the events and opportunities during which we can enjoy delicious food.

Here’s how to get rid of Christmas stress!

Sleep is a complex process, and to make sure we wake up feeling restored even during this busy time of the year, turning the light off is just not enough. With a few tricks, we can reduce emotional stresses and face this festive season more peacefully and well-rested.

1. Organize your time and purchases

Creating a list will help you determine your priorities, better organize pre-Christmas tasks and plan gift purchases. But remember: more than material things, it’s the pleasant moments spent together that are memorable!

2. Reduce expectations

Be more indulgent with yourself and enjoy social moments without striving for perfection in every detail and without taking on unnecessary feelings of guilt.

3. Let emotions run

Don’t ignore any feelings of sadness associated with the Christmas season. On the contrary, it will be an opportunity to understand that even our weaknesses contribute to making us unique and beautiful just as we are.

4. Resist binge eating and too many cin-cins!

To reduce the chance of sleep disorders and weight gain, cut down on alcohol, sugar, and snacks and take a short walk after meals.

Is Christmas stress affecting your sleep? Here are 6 tips to treat yourself to sweet dreams!

5. Regain your quiet moments

The forced socialization of the holidays can contribute to increased fatigue. Give yourself some downtime away from the hustle and bustle and technology: enjoy some time outdoors during the warmer hours of the day, entertain yourself with that favorite hobby you never have time for, or laze on the couch with a cup of tea while watching that movie you put on your list long ago.

6. Maintain your sleep routine

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the many events you feel obligated to attend. Instead, just do what you really feel like doing and try to maintain a good, healthy evening routine without upsetting your rhythms too much. Therefore, try to always go to sleep and wake up at the same time!


Manifattura Falomo wishes you a happy and “restful” holiday season!

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