How to improve your immune system? Through sleep!

Let’s be serious, it’s not an excuse invented by the lazy ones, but a real scientific “diktat”.

How to improve your immune system? Through sleep!

Often, the secret for keeping our body healthy is good sleep. Find out why in our article!

According to a study conducted by a researcher from the University of Milan and one from the University of Michigan, 8 hours of sleep each night strengthens our immune system.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

Our body relies on the immune system to create a barrier against bacteriaviruses, and pathogens. But to allow our immune system to function correctly, we need to make sure we lead a healthy lifestyle. How? By taking care of nutrition, avoiding stress (as far as possible), and ensuring we get the right amount of night’s rest.

Without these healthy habits, our body reacts with a weakened immune system and puts up red flags: impaired concentration, continuous tiredness, frequent swollen gums, cold sores, colds, and infections.

The link between sleep and the immune system

The study conducted over many years has shown how sleep and the immune system affect each other through a particular category of proteins called cytokines. These proteins are produced by our brain and act both on neurons that regulate sleep and on serotonin levels.

The function of cytokine proteins

Besides, cytokines act as “messengers” to transmit signals from one cell to another, in particular in the context of our immune system. When we have an ongoing infection, the immune system responds, and the cytokine proteins counteract the onset of the infection and eliminate infectious agents while stimulating sleep.

Even sleeping on the right mattress is good for your health!

During deep sleep, our body releases a large number of protein molecules that keep us healthy and fight any kind of inflammation. However, don’t forget that a quality bed system guarantees that good sleep. Discover now the mattress and pillow most suitable for you!

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