Optimists sleep better, that’s what science says!

We already knew that optimism is a huge advantage for psychophysical well-being.

Optimists sleep better, thats what science tells us!

But a study carried out in the U.S. has revealed that being able to see a bright future ahead also improves the quality of sleep.

The scientific study

The study conducted at the University of Illinois under the guidance of Rosalba Hernandez, a professor of social assistance, showed that optimists sleep better.

This study was published in the renowned journal Health Behavior, showing how the data of 3,500 people, aged between 32 and 51, were examined. All participants underwent a survey based on 10 questions to measure their level of optimism.

The results were surprising! It appears that people with a high level of optimism not only sleep well but also claim to sleep between 6 and 9 hours a night, completely forgetting about insomnia or daytime sleepiness.

Positivity pills

Positivity manages to reduce the negative impact of stress, or better yet, people who cultivate a positive attitude, don’t allow stressful events to overcome them. This is how worries and thoughts can be reduced, even throughout the night!

Being able to face and manage everyday issues in a constructive way by searching for the most positive aspects can just do us some good.

Long live optimism!

This important study concluded that “dispositional optimism is a psychological resource of particular relevance to ward off diseases and illnesses and enjoy a better state of health.”

In fact, the research also found that the most optimistic have, on average, a longer life span of around 13% and a chance of reaching 85 years of age more than 50-70% higher than non-optimists!

Optimism is essential, but your bed system plays a vital role!

We have always believed that good sleep, as well as optimism, is favored by a bed system that includes a mattress, bed base, and pillow able to satisfy one’s physical features and resting habits.

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