• Where good nights and sweet dreams are made...

    “O bed! O bed! Delicious bed! That heaven upon earth to the weary head”, wrote Thomas Hood in ‘Miss Kilmansegg - Her Dream’. The bed is a prized piece of furniture worthy of sonnets and odes of love. We cherish the bed and the repose it brings. We revere the bed, giving it a place of honor in the bedroom.

    Where good nights and sweet dreams are made...

    Yet we hate the bed. It and the sleep it demands take precious hours we do not have out of already over scheduled lives. Then, we wake up unrefreshed and angry at the precious hours sacrificed for naught.

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  • Mattresses and The Invisible Enemies of Sleep...

    To fight the sleep disorder, you must first identify the cause, because to fight an enemy and defeat him, you should know it!

    Mattresses and The Invisible Enemies of Sleep...

    You should start with the bedroom! Have you ever wondered what basis has the theory that suggests to move the bed and so the mattress in a specific position to have a better sleep? Have you ever wondered how the underground water currents and the magnetic fields can influence our sleep?

    The simple, surprising answer is…

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  • Why Do We Talk In Our Sleep? It’s Not What You Think.

    There are a lot of people who talk in their sleep. Half of all children between the ages of 3 and 11, especially if affected by fever, have phenomena conversation during the sleep. This phenomenon also occurs in a small number of adults because of the stress accumulated during the day.

    Why Do We Talk In Our Sleep? It’s Not What You Think.

    Sleep-talking, or somniloquy, is a normal onset of the brain activity, and can manifest itself in all sleep phases: more the sleep is lighter and more it’s easier for the listener to understand what you are saying.

    Continue to read this article and find out the causes and the remedies on your night chats!

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  • Buying the right mattress: the 4 things you should do in the store!

    So, now that you are convinced that you need to replace your old mattress with a brand new one, what you should do exactly in the store to avoid mistakes on your purchase?

    Buying The Mattress: Here 4 Things You Should Do in The Store!

    Read this article and discover these 4 simple tips to avoid mistakes when you’ll buy your brand new mattress!

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  • Free Yourself From Insomnia With These 3 Incredibly Easy Tips.

    Would you be more productive, mentally reactive, emotionally balanced and full of energy all day long?

    Free Yourself From Insomnia With These 3 Incredibly Easy Tips.

    The way you feel during the day, while you are awake, is strongly influenced by how well you sleep during the night, and if you are insomniac you know exactly what we are talking about.

    Would you free yourself from this annoying recurring problem once and for all? Here are 3 incredible simple tips to start immediately your personal battle against the insomnia.

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  • Sleep and 7 Myths: Do you Make These Mistakes?

    When we talk about good sleep is easy to let your imagination run wild, so much that stories created, which are passed down from generation to generation, ending up in the popular imagination.

    Sleep and 7 Myths: Do you Make These Mistakes?

    Find out now in this article these 7 myths to debunk to have a regenerating sleep and a good rest every night, read on and avoid to make these 7 common mistakes.

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  • Warning: here’s when you should practice physical activity to sleep better.

    arrie“Mens sana in corpore sano” ancients said. This famous idiomatic expression is used to mean how good is to do physical activity as fitness training or physical exercise.

    Be Careful! That’s When You Should Do Physical Activity To Sleep Better.

    In this article, we want to reveal more and let you know how a good physical activity carried out at the right time of the day can help you to sleep better.

    If you want to know the best time to exercise and help your sleep, read this article and start from this evening to sleep better and more deeply.

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  • How To Choose The Right Mattress For You?

    Independent springs mattresses, latex mattresses, or mattresses made by new materials like aqua-tech mattresses? Now we are going to compare features and advantages of different kinds of mattresses.

    How To Choose The Right Mattress For You?

    At first sight the mattresses could appear to you all the same. To understand the differences and to evaluate the features of the different kinds, we advise you to refer to a specialized dealer.

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  • Do You Sleep Without a Pillow? Here 4 Reason For…

    Sleeping without a pillow? Do you want to know if you do well or badly to sleep without a pillow? This is the article you are looking for!

    Do you sleep without a pillow? Here 4 reason for....

    As many of us, are you curious to know wether or not you should use a pillow to sleep better? Continue to read this article to find out the 4 reasons that…

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  • The New Blog by Manifattura Falomo! Quality Sleep Made in Italy!

    Dear lover of healthy sleep, it is with great pleasure that we decided to create a new channel of communication also in English language: our company blog!

    The New Blog by Manifattura Falomo! Quality Sleep Made in Italy!

    With this blog we want to provide you useful content, advice for a healthy sleep and receive by you advice on our made in Italy sleeping-products.

    If you want you can easily leave a comment at the bottom of every article or share the post in facebook or twitter.

    Stay tuned for our weekly-healthy-sleep tips!

    Written by Manifattura Falomo – Sleep made in Italy
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