Anti-aging pillow? Start taking care of your skin!

Did you ever happen to wake up in the morning with unpleasant “fine lines” on your face? These marks are called sleep wrinkles and can turn into true aging signs over time.

Anti-aging pillow? Start taking care of your skin!

Fortunately, the so-called beauty pillow is an ally in the fight against skin aging! Find out all the benefits and how it can help us against aging.

What are sleep wrinkles?

Sleep wrinkles are familiar to many people, both women and men. These marks are due to the pressure of our face on the pillow during long resting hours. Sleep wrinkles are most concentrated on the cheeks, around the eye area, and on the sides of the face.

Continuous pillow pressure on the face and neck can lead to wrinkles and fine lines, which can become increasingly pronounced and visible over time.

3 tips for a beauty sleep

Here are some valuable tips for ever-youthful skin:

1. Choose the right pillowcase

You should choose bed linen carefully. Opt for natural rather than synthetic fabrics, as natural fibers always have hypoallergenic qualities and are soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin.

Choose the proper pillowcase

Remember to pay special attention to pillowcases because the more delicate the fabric, the more we can delay the appearance of unwanted sleep wrinkles!

2. Lie on your back

Sleeping on your back is one of the secrets to young, flawless skin.

Sleep on your back

This position doesn’t allow your face to press into the pillow, preventing the formation of unpleasant marks on the skin. In addition, sleeping on the back allows us to keep our face away from dust and bacteria that unavoidably settle on pillowcases and sheets. Find out in our article how to keep pillowcases and sheets always clean and fresh!

3. Choose the perfect beauty pillow

Manifattura Falomo’s Sun pillow is designed and made to relieve neck tensions and ear compressions during sleep. However, several tests have demonstrated that the particular conformation of the Sun pillow makes it an excellent ally against the formation of sleep wrinkles.

Beauty pillow Sun

In fact, it provides adequate support to the neck and head, thus reducing pressure on the face during night’s rest. The pillow suits your every need, whether you love sleeping on your back or side.

You can now say good night to wrinkles and fine lines!

Don’t underestimate your skincare, especially during the night. Discover all the features of the Sun Pillow and give yourself the “Healthy Sleep” you deserve!

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