Sun: the unconventional cervical pillow

Choosing the right pillow plays a fundamental role when you’re looking for a good night’s rest, especially if you live with neck pain.

Sun: the unconventional cervical pillow

But what kind of pillow should we choose to guarantee ourselves proper sleep? Let’s find out together!

What is neck pain?

Cervical spine stiffness symptoms usually begin with severe pain in the neck, which can spread to the shoulders, arms, and hands. In some cases, this discomfort can also cause dizziness, loss of balance, and even hearing problems.

How can we sleep well with neck pain?

Take care of your cervical spine by choosing a pillow that meets your physical features, allowing you to face each new day at your best.

The job of a pillow is to hold your neck and head at the correct position during sleep hours, being the cervical area the most mobile part of your spine. However, remember that the only pillow can’t make the pain disappear, but it can certainly make a difference and prevent or significantly reduce neck pain.

Find out in our article some valuable tips for sleeping better when suffering from neck pain.

The latest generation cervical pillow

Our Sun pillow boasts a very special design to promote stretching of the spine during night rest and allow muscle relaxation. When using this pillow, the slight traction of the cervical vertebrae immediately provides relief.

Discover the ergonomic peculiarities of Sun

Discover the ergonomic peculiarities of Sun

  1. The concave and circular shape correctly supports the head and keeps it well aligned with your spine to release muscle tension. Besides, it’s perfect for side sleepers as the unconventional shape prevents ear compression.
  2. The removable layer of about 2 cm allows you to adjust and customize the pillow’s height, making it suitable for people with any shoulder width.
  3. The curve on one side minimizes pressure on the spine for back sleepers, while it naturally welcomes the shoulder for side sleepers.
  4. The small grooves on the foam’s surface allow air circulation and body heat dissipation for an always dry microclimate.

Visit our official website and discover further details of our Sun pillow!

Choose the best for your sleep!

Good sleep allows us to recharge each night, both mentally and physically. This is why we advise you to choose a quality bed system to satisfy your physical features and sleeping habits.

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